Simple Formula for Success in Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing

In commercial real estate you can get diverted and discouraged when working as a real estate agent. Too many things can take over your day and you can struggle with issues just like these:

  • time management,
  • client management
  • property inspections
  • marketing of property to the database
  • negotiations in sales and leasing deals
  • prospecting for new listings
  • finding buyers and tenants to look at your listings
  • serving current listings and clients so you keep the information flowing on inspections and property enquiry
  • following up on buyers and tenants that have enquired about properties in the past
  • taking calls and logging them into the database for later follow-up
  • being part of the greater office and following the instructions of your sales manager or team leader

So you want to be successful, make more listings, close more deals, make better commissions, and grow your market share? The good news is it can be done in any market. The bad news is you are going to be very busy in doing so and the above list is not going to disappear. Are you up for some hard work?

Importantly, the key to your real estate success is totally an internal and personal matter. The more you know about yourself and how you control that is really the key to momentum and conversions of new business.

How you think impacts how you act. In selling and leasing commercial property this is foundational to personal momentum and new business. Taking charge of yourself will help you greatly in taking control of your real estate business. Self-belief and focus is so important in the industry.

Understand that you are one of a kind when it comes to selling, leasing, or managing commercial real estate. Your skills and knowledge are different than everyone else so make use of that difference and uniquely provide the service that the market needs.

So many agents and salespeople are just like all the others in their area; that is why competition and disputes occur over new listings and prospects. Choose to be independent in your marketing and prospecting. Keep up the high frequency of cold calling and new business prospecting; pretty soon you will see the business and leads head towards you. People will come to you as they know you are special and different.

There is an old saying that is as true today as it has ever been, “You only get back what you put in”. The success you require in commercial real estate is a personal challenge; are you up for the battle?